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Boozy Milkshake’s, Cocktails, Wings, Fries and “Fit” Burgers – Almost Famous

February 16, 2015
Almost Famous Burger - Suicide Burger and Chilli Cheese Fries

So Ladies and Gentleman, yesterday I experienced one of the greatest tastes in my life. About a year ago I found out about this urban burger bar that I must say I have fallen in love with.

After a long day of shopping in Liverpool, there was only one place where I wanted to be – Almost Famous. Situated on Parr Street, it really is what you call a hidden gem.

Not only is the food fabulous, the atmosphere is chilled and the decor is urban/chic. With random graffiti on the walls and a large cow behind the bar you could say it is quite different to your usual restaurant.

The order

On this occasion I decided to go for a River Phoenix, which was basically bacon galore it even had frazzle crisps in. Jacob who was being more adventurous went for a ‘Suicide burger’ which is cheese, hot sauce, bleu cheese sause, iceberg lettuce, chillies and jalapeño sauce. With our burgers we got chilli cheese fries and bacon bacon fries. And as you can probably tell by the end of the meal I was totally ‘baconed’ out. But nevertheless it was by far the best burger and fries I had ever eaten

‘Fit’ to be exact!

However, I wouldn’t go there wearing your best clothes because you need to be prepared to get messy!

Almost famous is definitely the ideal place to have a catch up with friends and most certainly the best place in the city to get a burger.

Love xoxo

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