How to Look Bangin’ on a Budget: Gucci Inspired

August 17, 2017
GUCCI? // How to Look Bangin' on a Budget | The Fashion High Life

There’s nothing worse than having an expensive taste but being on a low budget! But hey ho, highstreet brands and e-commerce stores are now making it easier for us to get our hands on the most lusted after designer items.

After spending hours of browsing the internet and dreaming of these designer Gucci MulesFacebook decided to use its fancy cookie tool to advertise a brand which have recreated a much more affordable dupe  – Ego ShoesThe Gucci inspired flat mules are only £9.99, so I couldn’t really say no.

They may not be designer, but they are definitely giving off all the Gucci vibes.

Mules – Ego

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