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April 3, 2019
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Style, in its best and most engaging form, isn’t simply an inner monologue – it’s a conversation. Whether it is texting your friends screenshots of what you want to buy next or literally sitting in a cramped dressing room whilst your closest friend tries on 101 outfits.

We’ve all had a moment of “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”. Most of us have an almost unconscious reaction to these far too familiar moments– throw it to the group chat! Your girls will help! They’ll know what to do!

We place an unimaginable amount of trust and faith in our girlfriends. They’re our confidants, our ladies in shining armour and our mums, all rolled into one. They’re the people you want to tell about your salvos get, or take to the new topshop sale! They make things brighter and easier– you know them, you love them, you are them!  

Girlfriends bond over everything- tv, music, boys, but most importantly shopping–and specifically clothes! Fashion is every girl’s best friend, and we’re always hyping each other’s!

But why is it that you often turn up to an event in the same outfit as your friend? Is it purely coincidence that you both had the urge to wear the same colour or same top to that same party? Of course, you are best friends and you often see a pattern emerge within a friendship group; You could have the same music taste, bond over food but most importantly share the same sense of style. This is why it’s hardly surprising, when you compliment your best friend on her outfit, that it subconsciously influences your next purchases.

But why do we do this? As a child there was always the copycat behaviour, buying what your friends had – getting that Paul’s Boutique handbag, just because everyone owned it. Or wanting to dress head to toe in the Juicy Couture because you wanted to fit in. It’s crazy to think how our style actually stems back to when we were only about 10 and had all the confidence in the world to make our own clothing choices. Although, we all like to believe that we have our own unique style, being in a group and asking for advice is much safer for most of us. We latch onto our friends, so we can confirm we aren’t dressing over the top and so that we can boost our confidence.

(Photos by Michael Maitland-Jones)

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