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March 12, 2015
Beara Beara

Bags are without a doubt my favourite type of accessory to complete a outfit. For the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for a new bag, that is practical yet fashionable at the same time. I struggled to find one that I really like but then I stumbled across Beara Beara’s website.

Who, What, Where?

The story behind this company is totally inspiring. Beara Beara were founded by a travel writer who at the time was living in the west of South America.

Whilst living in Bolivia a hidden gem was discovered in the back streets of La Paz, a small shop selling hand crafted leather bags. 

The founder of Beara Beara worked closely with Julia who was one of many creating and selling these bags. They began collaborating and using Jakes skills of designing and Julia’s craft making to create rare bags.

Each bag is designed and created with a great deal of passion and each are made with small pieces of different material, making them all individual. Beara Beara create and sell a range of different styles of bags, from bumbags to handbags.

My personal favourite from the collection is the San Jose in black. This backpack is large and constructed with soft leather, which is so practical. I would personally style this backpack with a grey oversized knitted cardigan, a jersey sleeveless white tee, black skinny jeans and some chunky black boots.

I’m also crushing over the Santa Anna, this bag is so chic and big enough to carry everyones essentials & more – what more could you ask for?

Make sure you check out Beara Beara HERE


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