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The Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern

September 2, 2018
The Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern // The Fashion High Life

So I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog over the past year and I have decided that needs to change.

A lot has changed, I now have a beautiful little niece, I have completed first year of uni and I have been living in London for the past few months, interning for a well know British designer.

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Like, Totally Plaid.

March 5, 2018

This weekend I decided to channel my inner 6 year old and play dress up – well more like me raiding Alice’s wardrobe. Then we we went on a little photoshoot around her student accommodation, friendship goals I know!!!

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Fashion Confidence

September 15, 2017
Fashion Confidence - The Fashion High Life

Do you ever see an outfit that you’d love to wear but are far too scared to wear it? I feel as though this always happens to me, but since starting this blog I live by the moto:

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