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Dear Photograph

February 19, 2015

Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present

Taylor Jones is the founder of this brilliant photography phenomenon. When discovering and old picture of him and his brother he held it up in the exact same spot and he then realised that he was at the right angle, so he quickly snapped a picture of the picture.
Shortly after, he started posting his photos on his ‘Dear Photograph’ website. He started becoming recognised and people started to be inspired by this idea and took their own photos and posted them on Taylor Jones’s website. Jones encouraged people to give a caption below, so that the photo was shared with a meaning.

Dear Photograph has become very popular. It was name Time’s 7th Best Website of 2011. It has been featured on many major news networks and his been discussed all over social media.
Taylor Jones has been that successful that in 2012 he released his own Dear Photograph book to the world. The book is a different way to tell a story, it’s a digital nostalgia. Jones includes his Dear Photograph pictures to uncover dreams, fears and stories from the past.

I personally love the idea of Dear Photograph and have had my own go at taking my own pictures, which I have included in this post. It’s weird to see how things have changed but yet how everything is so similar. My picture has actually been noticed by the actor Ed Westwick, and he loved the creativeness within Dear Photograph.

If you decide to dig up some photos from the past, you can post them all on and if you decide to post them on twitter or Instagram be sure to tag me in them, would love to see them.

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