Hard // let’s be friends

April 3, 2019
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Style, in its best and most engaging form, isn’t simply an inner monologue – it’s a conversation. Whether it is texting your friends screenshots of what you want to buy next or literally sitting in a cramped dressing room whilst your closest friend tries on 101 outfits.

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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

December 5, 2018

Hey lovelies!

So this is a bit of an unusual post, but since being back at uni I have joined the fashion, art and culture magazine – Hard.

This is a project that I got to work alongside many of my friends, we reused plastic materials and made statement pieces to show how almost any material can be transformed into something new. Be sure to check out the article below that was published by Amy Beckford, editor of Wild Magazine.

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The Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern

September 2, 2018
The Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern // The Fashion High Life

So I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog over the past year and I have decided that needs to change.

A lot has changed, I now have a beautiful little niece, I have completed first year of uni and I have been living in London for the past few months, interning for a well know British designer.

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Like, Totally Plaid.

March 5, 2018

This weekend I decided to channel my inner 6 year old and play dress up – well more like me raiding Alice’s wardrobe. Then we we went on a little photoshoot around her student accommodation, friendship goals I know!!!

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